Celine | she/her | 18

Hey! Welcome to my commission page!

If you decide to commission me, you can contact me through one of these sites! Feel free to ask me anything you are unsure about :]

commission info

individual: 10 USD
matching: 18 USD

Approximate prices for these examples are: $17, $17, $15, $15 and $23

18 USD

Approximate prices for these examples are: $23 and $25

25 USD

Approximate prices for these examples are: $55, $35 and $30

30 USD

Approximate prices for these examples are: $45 and $35

40 USD

(includes 1 regular fullbody, 1 bust, marking chart, up to 2 accessories, name and minimal information)

Approximate prices for these examples are: $30, $70, $40, and $65

35 USD

(includes 1 regular fullbody and a color palette)

Approximate prices for these examples are: $40 and $35


are you interested in something else, that isn't listed above? contact me and we can arrange something!

no color: decrease 5 USD from total fee
shading: additional 5 USD
coloured lines: additional 5 USD
complex designs: additional 5+ USD
backgrounds: additional 10+ USD

terms of service

As the artist, I have the right to reject any commission request I feel I can not do, and is free to publish the commission work as part of my portfolio.As the commissioner, you are free to use the artwork as an icon, wallpaper, and share it on your social media accounts, with credit. You cannot trace, heavily edit, sell or claim that you are the creator.Please provide me with a clear visual reference sheet of character(s) you want me to draw, or it will incur in additional fees.Additional fees can be added to your final commission cost, depending on the complexity of the character, backgrounds, extra characters, etc.There is a limit of six characters per commission.By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms of service.I am able to draw the following as a commission: animals/ferals, anthro/furry, pokemon, humans/humanoids, monsters/mythical creatures, closed species, blood/gore, characters from media, and natural landscapes.I am unable to draw the following for a commission: extreme sexual content (maybe someday, but not now), offensive content, and any content that I am not comfortable with drawing.

All prices listed are in USD (United States Dollars), and are the base price for each type of commission (meaning that price can be higher than listed). A request can be made for a change in currency, just let me know!Payment is done via PayPal invoice.Please be ready to pay as soon as I accept your commission request!Refunds are only done if I, the artist, deem it necessary.

If you have decided on which commission type you'd like, feel free to send me a message on my twitter or e-mail with your preferred contact method (e-mail/twitter/discord/etc), commission type, your character reference(s), and any other additional notes such as preferred pose, if any.Alternatively, if you are requesting a design commission, you can specify design traits you like, or a theme.

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